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Zucchini & Goat Cheese Pasta

Zucchini & Goat Cheese Pasta

If you have ever grown zucchini, you know how profusely they produce. When you end up with a bumper crop of these, it’s always good to have a variety of ways to prepare them. Summer and winter squashes are very healthy for you. They are fiber-rich which makes them especially good for your digestive tract and is helpful if you have irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, or diarrhea.

Eating squash with high protein meals keeps the protein from staying too long inside your colon. Squash also has cucurbitanes which slows the metabolism of carbohydrates and stabilizes blood sugar. You’ll also be happy to know that summer squashes like zucchini have Omega-3 fats in their seeds.

Zucchini & Goat Cheese Pasta

September 28, 2017
: 4
: 20 min
: Easy

You can make this recipe healthier if you use spinach or vegetable pasta.


  • 12 ounces of linguine pasta
  • 1 Tablespoon of olive oil
  • 1 pound of zucchini
  • Kosher salt to taste
  • Black pepper to taste
  • 1 clove chopped garlic
  • 8 ounces of frozen peas
  • 6 ounces of fresh sliced mushrooms
  • 5 ounces of fresh goat cheese
  • 2 teaspoons of lemon zest
  • Step 1 Wash and slice the zucchini in half. Slice each half into small half-moon slices, fairly thin. Crumble the goat cheese into a small bowl and set aside.
  • Step 2 Cook the pasta according to the package directions. Drain and reserve 1 cup of the water. Return the pasta to the cooking pot and set aside.
  • Step 3 Heat the olive oil in a skillet and add the zucchini and some salt and pepper. I would add just a little for now because you’ll be adding more later. Cook the zucchini and peas over medium heat for about 5 minutes or until any liquid evaporates. Stir in the sliced mushrooms and chopped garlic and cook for another minute or so to blend the flavors.
  • Step 4 Keeping back 2 Tablespoons, add the goat cheese to the pasta and stir in the cup of reserved water. Add a little more salt and pepper and the zucchini mixture and stir until creamy. Taste to see if you would like more salt or pepper.
  • Step 5 Serve the pasta topped with lemon zest and the remaining 2 Tablespoons of goat cheese along with some fresh bread and a light dessert for a healthy and filling meal!