Natural, Healthy, Body, Joint and Arthritis Pain Relief

60 veggie cap bottle: $27.98

Tish – (Kannapolis, NC)
“It works!!!
I love this product!!! I have severe arthritis and can hardly walk or get up and down. I need two Knee replacement. Since taking this product I’m not in pain and I’m able to move and get around. I would recommend this to anyone!”



provides a premium combination of inter-related and co-supportive ingredients to give your body the best possible results. Each ingredient more powerful and more effective than if it were used on its own.


Ryan – (Oklahoma City, OK)

“Great product!
Great formula. High quality and effective for my knees and back. After having ACL surgery 10 years ago my knee acts up and this helps with the pain from inflammation.”


Just as in Nature, our bodies work as systems. No part or function stands alone, everything works in conjunction with other parts or processes. That includes our nutrition.

Every nutritional aspect of our health and well-being is a complex system of inter-related requirements, balancing factors and support requirements. Nothing works alone as well as it does working in concert within its support and inter-dependent cooperative systems.

Pain is caused by a combination of factors, primary among them are inflammation, oxidative damage, and a build up of lactic acid or other toxic byproducts of use. To combat these, it requires a combination of strong inflammation fighting ingredients, powerful anti-oxidants, effective detoxing agents and analgesic actions to do the job. That combination is what makes up the powerful, ‘Premium’ formula in Curanthin.*


Rob P. – (Kannapolis, NC)

It sure helps me! I have problems with a lot of pain in my knees and hips. This has helped reduce the pain enough to allow me to keep working.


Two (2) ways to use it

1. Take two capsules, as needed for short term body, joint or arthritis pain, instead of a brand name, over-the-counter pain reliever.

2. (Recommended) Take two capsules regularly, up to 4 times a day for consistent relief of long term body, joint and/or arthritis pain and stiffness as well as increasing the health of your heart, brain and body.


Patty N. – (Kannapolis, NC)

I was introduced to “CURANTHIN” by friends. I was having trouble with pain in my body. It was so painful that I could not get out of a chair without help or stand without a cane or walker and only for a few minutes before the pain took over my body. They gave me some “CURANTHIN” and I took two pills right away to try.

I was amazed that within 40 minutes I started to feel better and when they were ready to leave, I got up out of my chair by myself and walked them to the door without any assistance. From that day on I make sure to take ‘CURANTHIN” because it gives me my life back without pain or prescription drugs that did not work.

It is also helping my brain heal after strokes. I tell everybody how “CURANTHIN” got me back to being healthy.”


The Healthier Choice

Over-the-counter pain relievers, also known as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) have been shown to be the primary cause of liver damage in the U.S. as well as a major cause of bleeding and visible damage to your small intestine. Taking more than the recommended dose, or simply long term use, can cause liver disease, liver failure and death.

Besides damaging your liver and other organs, these drugs do nothing to fix the cause of the pain. Their purpose is to temporarily shut down the pain receptors that make you feel the pain. When they wear off, the problem is still there and the pain returns so you need more damaging drugs. The inflammation and oxidative damage going on in your body that is causing the damage and the pain are still there, working against you.

Recent studies have shown that rampant inflammation and oxidative damage from drugs, bad diet, toxic environments, processed foods and more, are the leading cause of cancer and most other degenerative diseases, including aging itself. The inflammation and oxidative processes that your body is suffering from need to be dealt with.*

Curanthin, on the other hand, reduces the inflammation and fights the oxidative damage that the free radicals are causing in your body. Then it goes on to provide healthy benefits beyond pain relief, including support to the health of your brain, heart, cardiovascular system, eyes, skin and more. It doesn’t damage anything in the process and improves your overall health. The longer you take it, the more good it does.*


IT TAKES 12,000 mg OF TUMERIC ROOT POWDER to provide the same inflammation fighting Curcuminoids as Curanthin.



WHITE WILLOW BARK SUPPORTS THE INFLAMMATION FIGHTING of Tumeric, Astaxanthin, Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) and Vitamin C plus adds analgesic pain relief.

ALL INGREDIENTS ARE “WORLD CLASS” ANTIOXIDANTS that support your immune system and protect your joints and entire body from oxidative stress, the prime cause of physical aging.* No fillers.

ALL INGREDIENTS ARE “WORLD CLASS” ANTI-INFLAMMATORIES that fight body wide inflammation which is the primary cause of pain throughout your body and joints.*

OXIDATIVE DAMAGE FROM FREE RADICALS AND EXCESSIVE INFLAMMATION are the primary causes of Cancer and most other degenerative diseases and conditions. These are the two primary purposes of Curanthin, to fight the oxidative damage and inflammation body wide.*

100% PURE INGREDIENTS FOR REAL HEALTH RESULTS: The ingredients in our Premium Blend ‘Curanthin’ have been shown to help relieve joint, back & arthritis pain, reduce and prevent inflammation, support, and may even restore, brain health & memory, improve heart health and blood circulation, support the entire immune and nervous system. It helps to maintain healthy joints, eyes, skin, heart and every organ in your body.*

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Our testing shows that Curanthin works wonders, however, if for any reason, it doesn’t work for you, just let us know within 90 days and we will be happy to refund your entire purchase.



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Absolutely NO:

Soy, Wheat, Yeast, Sugar, Gluten, Dairy, Lactose, Preservatives, or Artificial Flavorings of any kind!



TUMERIC EXTRACT WITH 95% CURCUMINOIDS:    Normal Tumeric Root has only 3% to 4% curcumin which is the primary anti-inflammatory ingredient in it. Our standardized extract has a whopping 95% Curcuminoids which equals 12,000 mg of normal Tumeric Root Powder and makes it so much stronger as an anti-inflammatory ingredient when dealing with pain. You can trust in our powerful, Premium, natural systems support formula, to help alleviate body and joint pain, as well as working to make you healthier in mind and body.*

PIPERINE FOR ENHANCED ABSORPTION:    Because our bodies do not easily absorb Curcumin , SupraGanic Health has included black pepper extract, in the form of piperine, in our formula. Piperine has been shown to increase absorption by up to 2000% over normal, making the combination of curcuminoids and piperine much stronger and more beneficial than either alone. It also increases absorption of Astaxanthin and Alpa Lipoic Acid dramatically as well.*


  • Support Joint & Muscle Health
  • Fight Body-Wide Inflammation
  • Disrupt painful and health-damaging Chronic inflammation
  • Act as a powerful Antioxidant
  • Support Cardiovascular Function
  • Boost Detoxification

ASTAXANTHIN:    Being called the “Most Powerful Antioxidant Ever Discovered”, weighing in at 6000 times the antioxidant strength of Vitamin C, Astaxanthin works in conjunction with Curcumin to alleviate oxidative damage that creates inflammation, damages your joints, increases body pain and speeds up aging.


  • Promote a normal inflammatory response body-wide
  • Fight off the oxidative stress in cartilage collagen
  • Reduce joint pain and support healthy, flexible joints
  • Improves muscle endurance and exercise performance
  • Support healthy circulation and overall cardiovascular health
  • Neutralize free radicals to protect cells, reduce DNA damage and fight aging.

WHITE WILLOW BARK:    Is known as the original or natural Aspirin, but but is known to be milder on the stomach and is not as strong a blood thinner as the artificial Aspirin. It has been used for centuries as a natural pain reliever, to reduce inflammation and reduce fevers.


  • Relieve Pain, it’s analgesic
  • Be a potent Antioxidant
  • Be a strong Anti-Inflammatory
  • Reduce Fever

ALPHA LIPOIC ACID (ALA):    Often called the “Universal Antioxidant”, it is a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Besides having it’s own antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties however, it is also known as a booster to other antioxidant/anti-inflammatories like vitamin C and vitamin E, where it rejuvenates and restores them as they work so they become much more powerful and long lasting than they are alone.


  • Be a powerful antioxidant both inside and outside of the cells
  • Have anti-inflammatory action, independent of its antioxidant activity
  • Alleviate pain
  • Help to regenerate both fat and water soluble antioxidant vitamins (such as vitamins C and E)
  • Protect DNA and cells against exercise-induced oxidative stress, and increase muscle regeneration
  • Be able to improve blood vessel function by decreasing oxygen-derived free radicals
  • Act as an excellent “carrier” for astaxanthin to help maximize supplement absorption
  • Speed up the removal of Lactic Acid in the muscles

VITAMIN C:    Vitamin C (also known as ascorbic acid) is a necessary ingredient in a healthy body, but the body can not store it or create its own. It is necessary to continually replenish our intake of vitamin C . It is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, toxin removal compound and much more.


  • Ease joint inflammation and prevent joint damage.
  • Reduce inflammation, and inhibit the production of chemicals that promote inflammation in your body.
  • Be a strong Antioxidant
  • Prevent exercise-induced muscle damage, immune dysfunction, and fatigue
  • Facilitate Collagen Production
  • Remove toxins from your system, including Lactic Acid buildup from muscle use and strain.


Do not take if pregnant or nursing, or under a physicians care for a medical condition or planning to have surgery, without checking with your nutritionally-informed health professional.

Always consult your nutritionally-informed health professional about possible interactions with prescription drugs you are taking, especially for blood pressure or blood thinners.

In rare cases, taking supplements may cause you to have temporary side effects. If you experience any diverse effects or allergic reactions, you should immediately discontinue use of the product and contact your nutritionally-informed health professional.

Please talk to your nutritionally-informed health professional before taking supplements, especially if you are under 18 years old. Remember to read the label and use caution if you are sensitive or have any intolerance to any of the listed ingredients.

Please keep out of reach of children and pets. If the safety seal has been damaged do not use.

Ingredients Per serving (2 veggie capsules): Turmeric Standardized Extract 95% Curcuminoids 300mg, Piperine (Black Pepper Extract) 10mg, Astaxanthin (Haematococcus pluvialis extract) 8mg, White Willow Bark (15%) 30 mg, Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) 50mg, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 300 mg, Vitamin C (Rose Hips, Rosa Canina (fruit)) 10 mg. Other Ingredients: Vegetable Cellulose, Silicon Dioxide, Microcrystaline Cellulose.

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take two (2) capsules, with a meal (containing some healthy fat) or at least with Fish or Krill Oil capsules, and a full glass of water, or as directed by your nutritionally-informed health professional.

Legal Disclaimer: *These Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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