Nutrient dense, and totally void of GMOs, pesticides, and chemicals of any type!

The Crusade for Healthy Food Crowdfund

As most of you are aware, our current food supply in this country is making us sick.

GMO’s, nutritionally bankrupt soil, caustic and poisonous herbicides and pesticides, early harvests before produce is ripe, long term storage and shipping making “fresh” produce up to 2 months old when you buy it, radiation processing, coloring and waxing, and much, much more.

If you need any additional proof over what you already know and see every day, simply take a look at our Facebook Page, SupraGanic Food News ( Leslie is an adamant researcher finding articles and information on what is happening in the food industry as well as coming up with healthier ways to prepare, cook and eat, and our Facebook page is where she posts the information she finds.

The key to changing this situation isn’t trying to change the system that is in place, that isn’t going to happen. The Big Agri and Big Pharma industries are owned and controlled by the same money and they like the way things are. It makes them a ton of profit. We can’t depend on the government to change things, it is easily apparent to anyone who is watching, that our government has been highjacked by big money. They constantly go against what is good for the people and support laws and processes that support the money.

No, the key to changing this situation is creating a new way of doing things that can disrupt the current system and replace it! We have to run an end run around the current system and there are a number of different options cropping up to help.

There are various regenerative farming and ranching techniques such as used by smaller organic farms, permaculture, and back to Eden gardening. Unfortunately, all of these formats still require mother nature to cooperate with good weather and that seems to be getting in short supply these days.

Also it is important to use local production as much as possible to minimize the time between vine and table. This increases the nutrition, flavor and freshness levels immensely.

Through our research, we have looked at many different techniques for raising food and there isn’t any one way which answers all the needs of our broken system. There is one, however, that we believe answers a lot of questions for a fairly broad spectrum of produce needs.

We believe that aquaponics can be a large part of the solution. Consider these points;

  1. Doesn’t depend on quality soil conditions. Works without soil.
  2. Doesn’t depend on regular precipitation, or even an abundant water supply.
  3. Uses only 3% to 5% of the water that in-ground growing requires.
  4. Does not pollute ground water as all water is reused in a sustainable format.
  5. Can be used in any climate, and year round, when used in special, energy efficient greenhouses.
  6. Grows produce up to 250% faster.
  7. Grows 10 times the amount of food in the same square footage as used in dirt farming.
  8. Less problems with insects and diseases so it doesn’t require the insecticides dirt farming does.
  9. No weed problems so it doesn’t require herbicides.
  10. Any attempt to cheat and use caustic chemicals ANYWHERE in the system will destroy the system.
  11. Doesn’t require fertilizers, so no petro-chemical or potentially disease carrying fertilizers are added.
  12. It’s a natural system, in man-made containers, so it’s sustainable.
  13. Provides protein production through the fish it grows as well as produce.
  14. Can be used by a family with a backyard, an empty garage or even a spare room or porch to raise much of their own produce needs.

Using Aquaponics, even desert cities and cities with other extreme climates could locally grow the majority of their produce needs. We believe that aquaponics techniques can be a vital piece of the answer to the sick food system we have today.

We have started work on a program to show how well this can work, by example, and through education initiatives. We ask for your help to bring this change about.

We have already found a place to begin building our first aquaponics greenhouse and system. The land has been provided by a generous individual who believes in what we are working to accomplish.

We have used our own money and sweat equity, to begin this project. What we ask of you is to assist us in finishing up our first phase.

Our phase one goal is $50,000.

What this will accomplish is;

  1. Finish 1st greenhouse and aquaponics system in Kannapolis, NC.
  2. Allow us to set up twice monthly farm tours to show what aquaponics can do.
  3. Allow us to begin seminars and provide a small garden mentorship program.
  4. Allow us to start plans for community aquaponics gardens.

Because we are growing produce for local consumption, we won’t be shipping long distances. So we are providing two different options as to how you can help us bring this about.

FIRST: If you are local, you can buy our company currency, SupraGanic Dollars (SGD’s) that is good for buying any of our produce when it becomes available. For the purposes of this crowdfunding, we will give you more SGD’s than what you pay for when you buy $10 worth or more. A 25% to 70% increase depending on your purchase level. See below for details.

SECOND: If you are not local, but would like to support our campaign, you can buy our company currency, SupraGanic Dollars (SGD’s) and receive a tax deduction by donating them to our Free Spirit Humanitarian Church (FSHC), a 508 (c)1(a) free church. The church will use the SGD’s to feed those in need throughout the area. (By buying SGD’s, especially in larger amounts, you get a larger tax deduction because you get more SGD’s than you spent. You get credit for the amount of SGD’s that you are donating which can be up to 70% more than the cash you spent) See below for details.


Because our purpose is to;

  1. show what can be done with aquaponics,
  2. demonstrate how it can be done,
  3. teach others to do it,
  4. assist others to do it,
  5. spread the knowledge and technology throughout the country and,
  6. work with, and offer support to, other sustainable systems to support the whole food production industry that is needed to improve our entire food system.

Aquaponics systems are scalable. All the way from a table top level up to commercial levels with acres under cultivation. If you truly would like to see our present food system change for the better, providing healthy food for our entire country, please help us in our “Crusade for Healthy Food”.

Please choose a purchase option below that works for you.

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